In 2006, Michel Dubois, his wife, Pascale, and their two daughters, Camille and Alexine, moved from Paris, France to Melbourne, Australia. His wife had been offered a job in the engineering industry and, having been to Australia in the past, the family set off.

From the age of ten, Michel had cooked crepes every Friday evening for his two parents and 6 siblings. As an experienced and passionate crepier, Michel opened Roule Galette in 2007, a French crêperie located in the CBD, on the corner of Flinders lane and Scott Alley. The small business was very successful and it became quite famous around Melbourne.

A second Roule Galette opened in September 2016 in the vibrant Koornang Road in Carnegie.

At Roule Galette, you will find the authentic French crêpe with all the toping you can imagine such as strawberries, banana, chocolate, sugar, honey, ice cream etc… You can also choose some more elaborated crêpe such as The Aumoniere,  the Normande or the original Crêpe Suzette. You will also find the traditional Galette from Brittany. The galette is a crêpe make from buckwheat flour, very good for savoury topping. It is Gluten free and very healthy. Try the simple Ham and Emmental cheese or the Complete (egg-ham-cheese)… Go for traditional French recipes that Michel adapts for you in a Galette with many dream ingredients such as Truffle oil, scallops, smoked trout, tender lamb, merguez, Toulouse sausage…

At Roule Galette, you will be at ease knowing that NO processed food is ever used.

Each sauce is home made, from the salad dressing with Olive oil and French mustard to each of the sauces used on the galette. The majority of the cheeses are made in France, the maple syrup comes from Canada, the meat comes from Australia and New Zealand and the salted caramel is made every morning. Even the chocolate is not a ready-to-serve-sauce but just melted chocolate.

The creperie’s French music, its French decoration, its French newspapers and its French-speaking waiters make you feel like you’ve travelled halfway around the world to Brittany, France.